Photo Challenge: Half and Half


Half and Half


This is twice Half and Half. It is half land and half see, but it is also half (smaller part) of Europe and half (bigger part) of Asia. This photograph is showing Istanbul with his famous Bosphorus bridge that connect these two continents. The image was taken from Topkapi palace.

Photo Challenge: Symbol


Golden Gate Bridge


Since the day it was constructed and painted in famous orange color, Golden Gate Bridge is symbol of San Francisco. Featured in so many movies and songs, destroyed by so many different sea monsters, aliens and natural catastrophes in films ( I think it is at least 2 that came out this year ), the Bridge stands proudly at the entrance of the Bay. Only one more powerful symbol can beat it and that is fog. After all, San Francisco is sometimes called  “Fog City”.

Photo Challenge: Door


Mercer House Door


While I was on my recent trip to Savannah,Georgia I shoot this image of the Mercer House. One of the most known houses in Savannah, immortalized in  “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil” (or “The Book”, as everybody in that part of the world calls it), this door hides the history of the house.

Photo Challenge: Muse


Sea Coast


I always loved the sea. I learned how to swim before I earned how to walk (at least my Granny used to say that!). One may say that sea and seaside, sunrises over the water and sea cliffs are my muse. I love to go back to this part of nature and present it in a different way.

Photo Challenge: Roy G. Biv




Living in the San Francisco, close to Castro district, one can see rainbows all the time. They celebrate diversity and friendship that one can feel in this great city. Now, only one week away from Pride Parade, rainbows are everywhere!

Photo Challenge: Off-Season




This image was taken on the Ocean Beach in San Francisco in march. One would think that this is California and the ocean is warm and beaches are full throughout whole year, but the truth is that weather in San Francisco prohibit swimming in the any time of the year if one do not have surfer outfit to keep one warm. The illusion of this image is off-season in any time of the year.

Photo Challenge: On the Way


Crossing Boka


This image was taken on the way from one coast to other coast, crossing Boka Kotorska, also known as bay of Kotor. Ferryboats transferring passengers and cars are main way of transportation if one wants to just cross the bay. If one wants to enjoy the beauty of the nature and small fisherman villages, then drive around bay is just the thing.

Photo Challenge: Enveloped


Golden Gate in Fog


San Francisco is known as the “Fog City”. Fog can come any time of the day or night and just swallow and envelop everything. Even Golden Gate Bridge is powerless against this force.