Photo Challenge: Muse


Sea Coast


I always loved the sea. I learned how to swim before I earned how to walk (at least my Granny used to say that!). One may say that sea and seaside, sunrises over the water and sea cliffs are my muse. I love to go back to this part of nature and present it in a different way.

Photo Challenge: Roy G. Biv




Living in the San Francisco, close to Castro district, one can see rainbows all the time. They celebrate diversity and friendship that one can feel in this great city. Now, only one week away from Pride Parade, rainbows are everywhere!

Photo Challenge: Off-Season




This image was taken on the Ocean Beach in San Francisco in march. One would think that this is California and the ocean is warm and beaches are full throughout whole year, but the truth is that weather in San Francisco prohibit swimming in the any time of the year if one do not have surfer outfit to keep one warm. The illusion of this image is off-season in any time of the year.