Photo Challenge: Serenity


Japanese Tea Garden


Serenity for me is beauty, charm and peacefulness. This image was taken in Japanese Tea Garden in San Francisco with plastic camera Holga on film, and then developed in darkroom and hand colored. I wanted to show my awe to the blending of nature and human hand. It is part of portfolio (a)Round SF.


5 thoughts on “Photo Challenge: Serenity

  1. This is a brilliant photo. I love the vintage look and feel about it, it accentuates the architecture in the middle. Lots of trees but my eyes are drawn to the Japanese house. Well done. And I hope you enjoyed the Japanese Tea Garden 🙂

    • Thank you Mabel. And yes, I enjoyed Japanese Tea Garden very much. This is one of my favorite places in San Francisco and I love to go there and just relax watching the water or rock gardens. I deeply respect Japanese minimalism where one can express so much with few objects, carefully placed in perfect composition.

      • I like minimalism too. Sometimes the simplest things convey the strongest meanings. Japanese minimalism – I was also thinking about origami, how a small square of paper can be turned into such a beautiful object you’d want to keep forever.

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